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    Dear Colleageus,

    If you want to get a photo from last seminar of Makoto Ito sensei and also phot of kids' group please feel free to send your applications to email igor.batalevich@gmail.com. On this application please write your first and last name (or the same data of your child), city and country. Please take itno account that:

    -We have no ability to send you photo immediatelly. All materials will be sent by the first chance through exchange server, i.m. you'll get link to download in email.

    -We have no ability to send you photo other way than abovementioned.

    -We have no ability to sort or process your photo. You will get all pictures which we have and will be able to choose yours.

    -All materials will be shared free of charge.

    Thank you for your understanding

    Благодарим Вас за понимание





    тел. vel. +375-29-676-53-73

    тел. mts +375-29-857-01-10


    Электронная почта


    ОО "Белорусская Федерация Айкидо"

    ЦБУ №527 ОАО "БелИнвестБанк", г.Минск

    Account number:

    Local bank code: 739


    VAT number: 100943717

    Aim of payment:
    Годовой членский взнос за 2019 г.

    Amount: 25,50 BYN